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we have our kitchen
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stainless steel modular Kitchens in Noida

Sections of Kitchen

A well planned modular kitchen would involve/cover all essential Sections/Areas:

* Area for consumables
* Area for non-consumables
* Area for cleaning
* Area for preparation
* Area for cooking

According to the space available, we could add or remove the less use division in accordance with our Indian styles. For example, a dishwasher is something which we may not be use by everyone, so we can remove it from the “cleaning zone”.
The main advantage of having different sections in our kitchen is that it improves the process flow of cooking and makes it more comfortable for working.

If every step is planned properly and executed, a modular kitchen can give you the following advantages:
* Good aesthetic looks
* Less smoky and oily kitchen
* Preserved walls and appliances, increasing their lifespan
* Optimized space
* Good storage space for cooking ingredients as well as utensils
* Ease of repairing/replacement
* Motivation to cook

Features for designing a Modular Kitchen:

• With a set of all compartments, drawers, cabinets, racks and shelves
• Standardized units for the floor and walls
• Units accommodates a range of accessories such as carousels, wire baskets, adjustable shelves and pull-out units
• Designed to fit into any available space, no matter what the size or shape of the kitchen area
• Replacements and repairs are simple and easy
• Functionality with pre-defined areas for work equipment and utensils
• Flexibility, and creativity with design and style to suit individual tastes
• Made from durable material