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Patterns of Kitchen

Island Kitchen:

Luxury Homes that have huge kitchen spaces often prefer Island Modular Kitchen. There is enough room for everything in this type of layout. Home owners get the flexibility of dedicating spaces for different things. While some prefer a small dining area, others like a dedicated space for preparing meals. Mostly preferred by joint families, this kitchen layout even offers additional counter spaces and seating area. A comfortable and relaxed environment is what people expect with island layouts in the kitchen. Island kitchen areas play instrumental roles in bringing families together by offering space for socializing while the meal is being prepared.

L - Shaped Kitchen:

L Shaped Modular Kitchen refers to the design wherein two adjacent walls are perpendicular to one another. One of the most popular layouts in the kitchen nowadays in Thane, this design is so flexible that it fits any type of space, be it large or small. The L shape design offer Central Island, which is best for present day's multipurpose kitchens. While suited best for big kitchen spaces, it can even fit in limited space if designed with care. Home owners get the flexibility to choose between different variations. This layout utilizes only two walls in the kitchen; hence, it minimizes traffic and provides expansive space.

U - Shaped Kitchen:

Comprising three walls, the U shaped kitchen layout offers work space through three walls that are adjoined to each other. This means that there are two parallel walls and the third one is perpendicular to the two. One of the most versatile layouts for the kitchen of any size, U-shaped layout provides continuous countertops as well as ample storage space. The person preparing the meal can reach out to appliances, utensils and things on all three sides. This design works well even in limited space kitchens. In larger kitchens, more than one person can work in the space at the same time.

Straight Line Kitchen:

Generally known as one wall kitchen, single wall layout for modular kitchen has been rising when it comes to popularity. While offering a wide space, this layout gives ample space in the kitchen for preparations and serving. The design of the kitchen is such that it hides the microwaves and other appliances while integrating the plugs under the cabinets. This allows the planner to enhance the looks of the kitchen with mosaic tiles and other accessories. There can be a dedicated space even for dining table in this layout. This design is preferred for its compactness and convenience in limited kitchen spaces.

Parallel Wall Kitchen:

Parallel Wall Modular Kitchen divides the entire kitchen area into two exclusive work zones. These zones have a common area between them, generally a passage style area. Also referred to as Galley Kitchen, parallel wall modular kitchen makes maximum utilization of available space while offering supreme work efficiency. Most of the apartment owners prefer this style of kitchen layout for the homes as the space available is quite limited. In this layout, everything is within reach for the person who is preparing meals. Further, through two different zones, there is ample space for storage available. Offering a huge countertop, it is one of the most popular layouts.