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Mumbai - index internatioal
Interiors event 18-21
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Exibition bandra -
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Amritsar - index international
interiors events 16 to
18 october 2012

jaipur - index international
interiors events 18
to 22 october 2012

we have our kitchen
display at exibition ...

Maintenence Tips

Stainless Steel Kitchens are designed to provide joy for the lifetime. Here are a few helpful tips to make cleaning easy.

The best way to clean Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets and fittings:

stainless steel modular kitchen1. Wipe using a soft, lint-free cloth, buff or sponge
2. Lightly damp, not wet
3. Always dry the area by re-wiping
4. If available, use a special cleaner like Colin or similar product for cleaning Stainless Steel
5. Continually remove stains as they appear
6. Use Chalk powder and Scratch pad for re-buffing of Stainless Steel Plain Shutters.

Do not use the following when cleaning Stainless Steel Cabinets and fittings:

1. Steam Cleaners
2. Cleaning Agents such as abrasive cleaning powders, steel wool or scourers, including cleaning agents with acetone, chlorine, thinners and solutions that begin with the name tri or tetra
3. Cleaning agents, baking powder, dishwasher additives and table salts, for example, should be stored in closed containers. The resulting vapours can lead to the corrosion of all metal surfaces.
4. Our Products undergo extensive quality testing. They are designed to provide joy for the lifetime. We support you by providing practical cleaning instructions.